Thursday, January 21, 2010

There are no pelicans on my staircase, only mapache.

Interesting walk home tonight. Eventful.
Was strolling down 23rd, hands-deep in my sweater pockets and brain equally deep in thought... when a young man on a yellow bicycle zoomed by on my right, wherein the loud consequential "clunk" of a sewer grate from behind left me in a crouched position against the rough stucco exterior of Pepino's Mexican Restaurant. Casually, I collected myself, returned to an upright position, and with contemptuous nonchalance I surveyed the scene. Had anybody caught my schizo episode?
You bet.
My ex-neighbor Mick is standing across the street on his cellphone, seemingly distracted by the aforementioned incident. I start to laugh and using my outside-voice shout across the street "Howdy, Neighbor!"
I assume by his lack of response, he's too engrossed in his conversation to notice me, so, naturally, I just start waving my arms overhead, clamoring "Mick! Hey, Mick! Neighbro..."
To be fair, I haven't seen this guy in a few month's time- so my excitement is not completely unfounded. He and his younger brother moved out of the adjoining two bedroom suite at the end of summer, and I've missed having someone around to bump into on the way to grab the mail or while exchanging loads of laundry between the washer & dryer. It got awkward after he put his girlfriend on hold to acknowledge the lunatic leaping at him from a distance.
When we finally made contact, exchanging hugs and pleasantries, he motioned that he had to get back inside and then bid me adieu. I'd not crossed the block yet when outside the bagel shop I notice an elderly (40 year old-ish) fellow getting into it with these young dapper dudes dolled up in 3-piece'rs and bow ties. He's (the old guy) threatening them for inappropriately addressing his children. The young men are obviously drunk, slurring and stumbling about- and I assume that I'll come across a 16 year old-or-so daughter while passing patio while dad defends her honor, but find instead mother and her two infants huddled together, monitoring the scene with a great deal of concern.
I couldn't stop speculating as to what these two drunk-o's must have said to have pissed daddy off so bad, and where were they coming from looking so fancy and so seeming so drunk to begin with on a Thursday night?

I got home in one piece, and on an uninterrupted trip to the mailbox found that netflix had delivered the videos I'd been waiting for. Yipee! I climbed the stairs to my apartment and sitting outside my door was none other than mapache, in a frantic half-crouched position against our front window.
Haley's scared of him, I don't know why. I think i'll try to lure him inside using tortilla chips and peanut butter.
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