Tuesday, January 5, 2010

When the morning gathers the rainbow / Want you to know I'm a rainbow too

I mean to post more often! I mentally draft paragraphs on a regular basis, it's just holding on to what i want to say long enough to get it down that's the trick. In example- this morning. It's been nothing but rain, rain, rain. Got up early for yoga and left the house without my umbrella. I was drenched in a cotton zipup, dodging under the eves of neighboring buildings and I noticed one of my neighbors standing impatiently below her brownstone balcony. She had her cigarette in one hand and a raincoat-clad pug's leash in the other. Such consistency. Every morning. Out there with her dog.
I passed them in silence, reminded momentarily of a special I'd watched over the weekend with Dad on animal rescue missions in South Carolina. A hurricane. Thousands of people, pets, and wildthings with nowhere to go. I wondered whether I might ever share the misfortune of those who were subject to such catastrophe. Sure, it rains here most of the year.. but I can rest easy knowing that my house won't be blowing away in the night.
Were I ever to find myself stranded after a flood, I would eagerly model, mold, and manufacture a series of water vehicles. My dad would boast at my boat building abilities, and you would find me hollowing out old trees in the yard, or fashioning oars from paneled siding and pool noodles. I'd be the town hero, ferrying my neighbors and their purebred pets in gortex to safety.

By the time class was over, my mind had disposed of all possible hurricane/survivalist scenarios. I fidgeted with my ipod and was pondering the contents of my mailbox while steering clear of puddles on the walk home. Stepping into the warm, dry confines of my apartment I realized my life is still wrecked... er, decked- in holiday accoutrements.
Ignoring them, I wrote this down, just as i had kindofsortof intended to from the start.
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