Tuesday, September 29, 2009

so thats how you found me

Ani difranco captured my heart when i first saw her in concert. I constantly play her "hypnotized" track.

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I've been watching a film all morning called "trumbo"
To consider what dude endured for the sake of his principals. All those generations-past rites of propriety that make me a sucker for the elderly... He reminds me a great deal of my papa.
It's a fascinating story and well directed film.
Here's a recitation of a letter to his telephone company following his involuntary emancipation from the writer's guild:

I intend to dig on his various mediums of artistry.
now i have to get out of bed and do something with myself and this day.

a bientot.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

purple hummingbird in the meadow/suckling at the flow of it's shadow

Noteworthy discoveries this morning:

This cutie, for starters:

Devendra Banhart. Psyche-folk benefactor and former love of infamous muse Ms. N. Portman. To boot- his personal drawings have been displayed at SFMOMA and Centre for Fine arts in Brussels. Now he's working on a Leonard Cohen Cover album with a myriad of other fine artists including my faves MGMT. So check that out.

"From my womb to my tomb I guess I’ll always be a child. Some people try and treat me like a man." - From his song 'I feel just like a child'...

I finally rented the Phillip Glass Documentary (A portrait in Twelve Parts) and turns out he's my new hero. With the exception of his choice in significant other, dude's got everything i could ever hope to come by. His history was forged and now resides in the art scene of haight-ashbury in the mid-seventies. His circle of friends as diverse as the late Allen Ginsberg to His Holiness the Dalai Llama. He's exceptionally passionate about music, yet his range of talents and interests are overwhelmingly present in both his and his family's lives.
His latest batch of babies are insanely cute, but his twenty-something year old wife must have too much of his money stuck up her ass because she professes on several occasions during the interviews that she's "second" to his "work" and that they are separating on account of irreconcilable differences. Better off, I'd say. I quite liked his first lady anyhow.

Do i dare include one more morsel of inspiration?
Blog Lovin'.

I can now follow all of my favorite sources of info and inspo without cluttering up my browser. One site, several subscriptions, and a whole lot of updates makes this girl smile :)
ahh. and it's FINALLY Sunday. Filled with joy. Im going to go for a run and get some yoga in before work.
à bientôt
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