Saturday, November 21, 2009


For the first time in recent memory I turn on the television to find they're showcasing something on VH1 that I'm interested in watching: a special on "celebreties gone good". It's surprising and refreshing to see VH1 capitalizing on something beyond the reality fad.

It’s bad enough that MTV/VH1 has redirected their programming from music to reality- what's worse is they've supplemented these slots with washed out celebrity versions of “The Bachelor”, blah of love, for love of blah.
Many people argue that these programs are soo bad they're good. In any case, those who follow these shows are among the first to defend them, and the last to realize the stupidity of them. Doesn't anybody else get sick of watching ridiculous people promoting unbelievably materialistic view of both genders, and everything else for that matter?

Soooo in this celebrity special- the spotlight is taken off of celeb rehab and redirected toward individuals who've contributed millions of dollars not toward their "cribs", but rather toward charitable causes worldwide.

Wyclef Jean already had a big spot in my heart as former fu-gee-la member, but moreover, he's brought a troubled country- (his homeland of Haiti) to the forefront of Third World education. After establishing the Yéle Haiti Foundation he's provided scholarships to 6800 children in Gonaïves, Haiti- all of whom are provided opportunities to continue on with secondary education. He has been also been a figurative member in restoration efforts following the devastation of Hurricane Jeanne.

And shakira recently donated more than 40 million dollars viz. the Latin America for Solidarity Foundation (ALAS) - which she co-founded with Nobel Prize winning author Gabriel Garcia Marquez. That's one of the largest private celebrity donations on record. The money will go to repair damages caused by an earthquake in Peru and a hurricane in Nicaragua.
She's also the youngest Goodwill Ambassador that the United Nations charity UNICEF has ever appointed.
Unicef boss Carol Bellamy has said of the latin star:
"I know Shakira will help bring UNICEF's mission to the audience who will have the most impact on our future - young people themselves."

YOUNG PEOPLE. Stop feeding into the negativity of reality TV and bad celebrity behavior. Encourage stations like VH1 to invest their time and energy in just causes- in these champions of charity, the gods and goddesses of goodness.
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