Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I spoke to all my molecules, and they were divided, on if you were invited

Please acquaint yourself with miranda july if you've not already.
A friend recommended i read her short story "swimming lessons"- awesome.

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Presently drinking cheap cheap vino and watching mystic pizza in my flannel pajamas. Both of which were purchased after work from GreatWill. That's right. Great.


I love J Roberts, and nearly every movie she graces with her presence, but this movie in particular taught both my sister and I at a premature age how to do the jitterbug, properly utilize a handful of profanities, and foremost that the last person on earth you can trust is a man.

I must admit, all this pizza talk has got me down about living sans-cheese. Hard as I try I can't seem to fall for the raw food-op, I mean, cheese made from nuts? It looks and tastes like gunky-globby-hummus. What I would give for some pineapple-pepperoni buried beneath mozzarella... I did, however, thoroughly enjoy a pesto and sun-dried tomato zucchini ribbon pasta at the Blossoming Lotus this afternoon. So that's something.
All I need is a truckload of vegan cookbook-ing for Christmas and I can work on the whole learning how to use them thing apres ca.

♥ "all those stars and comets dont come cheap."

bonne soiree
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